Words of my Heart

I wake up every morning with your thoughts, Without any enemies and without any fear, With a lot of love and emotions And I begin my day with the both. The words of my heart are only for you, But through my mouth, I can say only few. Every day and Every night, my thoughts are the same Please believe me, it is not a game. The words of my […]


Handsome is as Handsome does

Without any invitation to my mind, My heart begun liking you, I didn’t care about the next, Just went on to your heart to rest. The thoughts of my heart reached the mind, And it made the decision to bind, With your heart and to your land It went on without caring about its sand. But I was unfortunate with my ugly face To land in your grace. In the […]


The man of my dreams

This is about the man, Who has stolen my heart.One who gave me so much respect,And knows that promises are meant to be kept.One who never tell me lies,And I almost get lost in his eyes.He is the one who is little mysterious,But for whom the relationship is serious.Whenever I feel bad,He makes everything from bad to perfect. He knows how to bring smile on my face,Love & trust are […]


An Interview with Anamika Mishra

Last week we got a chance to interact with a young writer Anamika Mishra. She is an author of bestselling novel Too hard to handle and many ebooks. Her latest novel VoiceMates has recently been released by Jaico books. This is an inspiring novel which talks about the importance of fighting the fear of failure and taking that one chance to follow your dreams. It is India’s first novel which […]