Failed Surprise

The date was again 8th January but year 2014 and the occasion being her birthday. This time i again tried to surprise her but failed miserably. When i was off to seeing her i again lied regarding my not coming to meet her on her birthday but this time she caught me and made me spill out the truth. I being an idiot spilled everything out. But on hearing this […]


Love, Birthday, Surprise and Hug

It was Neha’s birthday  I still remember the date, the day.. It was pretty cold that t.ime.. And in Rajasthan, being the state of stones, it was colder than other places.. Maybe because I longed for the warmth of being in her arms  Girls love surprises, I’d always heard.. so I thought of surprising her.. What could have been a better gift??  I called her on 6th Jan… And I […]