Last week we got a chance to interact with a young writer Anamika Mishra. She is an author of bestselling novel Too hard to handle and many ebooks. Her latest novel VoiceMates has recently been released by Jaico books. This is an inspiring novel which talks about the importance of fighting the fear of failure and taking that one chance to follow your dreams. It is India’s first novel which is written on international duet singing reality show.
She is also a blogger and motivational speaker. Apart from writing, she loves to travel and do photography! She is also an active member of People for Animals NGO and Indian Speaker Bureau.

Anamika-MishraWhat inspired you to write about a fiction based on music?

VoiceMates is indeed a musical novel, though I used music (singing) just to give an example of a non-traditional career and the mind-set which elders have towards these kinds of career options. Like, when I told everyone that I want to be a writer, everyone opposed and suggested me to continue with my high-paid radio job. They said that it was a big risk and I was keeping my career at stake. But I took that risk and reached that this point that I am sharing my experiences with such great blogs like yours. And of- course, reality shows are 1 way for common people to make their dreams come true. For others its just a show but for participants, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance. So, to share my message with everyone, I thought music would be the best way and therefore, I took this subject.

Do you have a soft spot for music?

Oh yes, of-course! I am a big music lover. I think music has a power to heal every wound and can change you as a person.

What comes easier; characters or storyline?

Characters come easier. Actually I should say, first comes the character then storyline.

Given a chance to write biography? Whom would you choose?

I’d write on Agatha Christie. Her life story is really empowering and inspiring.

There are so many contemporary writers. Do you feel pressurized to excel?

Not at all! Reason being is, I never take any writer as my competitor. They are doing their job, I am doing mine. I write what is inside me, my heart and mine. When I am not taking anything from others, why would I feel pressurized? 🙂

You are a journalist. What upper hand does it provides in having a successful career in writing?

Only benefit is I know how to talk and communicate with masses. You see, I am masters in journalism and mass communication’ 😉 And communication is always the best way to win people’s heart. The more you talk, the more people know you! Simple!

Who is personally your favorite character in “Voicemates”, Sam or Tulip and Why?

Sam is my favorite character. He is cool, good looking, dependable, plays guitar, an amazing singer and of-course passionate about his career.

Is there any personal element weaved in “Voicemates”?

Ummm… no! Only, the songs I used in the novel are all my favorite.

Which author do you look upon?

Paulo Coelho

Which is your favorite genre in writing?

General fiction (contemporary romance)

Which book did you read last?

Recently I finished reading The Third Coin by J. A. Howard

A story begins with an idea or thought. How was it for “Voicemates”?

It begins with my own experience. What I learned from the challenges I faced when I chose a non-traditional career, fighting the fear of failure, convincing parents, that pressure of do or die, that importance of taking 1 chance… came VoiceMates!

What inspires you to be a passionate writer?

I believe inspiration is all around us, the people, the nature, the on-going trends, everything inspires me.

Given circumstances would you like to change any part in “Voicemates”?


Any personal advice for reader?

Keep reading my books and stay connected! Also, never fear failure and take that ‘1’ chance in order to pursue your passion…

Thank you very much Anamika for your time, It was great to talk with you. We hope great success to your novel and your author career.

Readers can buy VoiceMates Here


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