the-first-dateWhat would you do if you are supposed to meet someone you madly love for the first time ? Excitement, Paranoia , Anxiousness , and all emotions will flood into your mind. The same thing happened with me.

I was supposed to meet someone very special this morning, someone who i believe, came into my life just to change me and to become a very important part of my destiny. Her name is “N”. I met her through facebook and within a week i had developed strong attraction towards her just like a metal has a powerful affinity for magnet. I have always been a shy person totally introvert and yeah i had been through some odd relationships that almost left me dead. So this was like a last try for me.

I boarded a train at 12:30 am in the night and went to Jodhpur without anyone’s knowledge. I reached Jodhpur at 6:30 am in the morning. I for the first time was worried about what should i wear. I took out a blue Tee with a white check shirt on it, a pair of jeans and my favourite Converse shoe. I didn’t shave that day because with spectacles and a clean shave she would have mistaken me as a geek or nerd. I got ready to look my best
and before leaving to meet her , I sprayed one of my favourite Deo cause someone said to me that ” Girls like guys who smell go
od.” “N” and i were supposed to meet at 7:00 am in front of her college gate. On my way there i looked for shops so that i could take chocolates for her and her friends. I was very nervous. I could almost feel the adrenaline rush throughout my body. “N” told me that she never liked the open hairs . On the other hand, I was so blindly in love that i loved everything about her but still I asked her to leave her hairs open for that day. My eyes were struck on the road from where she would be coming.. Seconda were like years. Eyes were ignoring everyone and everything. The cool breeze blowing was tickling me. Yes I was showing the signs of ” LOVARIYA”. A lot of questions were running in my small mind. How would she look? Would she ever consider dating me again?

My imagination broke as i saw a girl coming. It was “N”. She was like a soft ball , A total COOCHI COO. She wore a black top with a light blue jeans but what caught me off guard was her smile. She had a height shorter than me just the way i wanted her to be. I imagined if she puts her head on my chest, she would be able to clearly listen to my heart beats” hub dub”. She was looking for me and considering that i gave her a wave. She looked at me and i could feel my heart beating faster and my throat running dry. Her eyes were so magical, so alluring. They were like a sea outlined by the shore of thick black collossal. Her cheeks were like freshly baked soft buns and lips were like two petals of pink rose. We both had a blushy smileon our faces. Her hands were like cotton, they were so freaking soft and spongy.

We walked to SHASTRI CIRCLE. There we sat on a bench . It was then that i proposed and confessed my love for her on knees. Since i could not get her a rose so i gave her a teddy. She was speechless. I could see her blushing and it was the best moment . We sat there for a while hand in hand talking. I didn’t know what to do next. So we walked to the Multiplex and went for a movie. It was our first movie together. It was then that we hugged each other. Our lips met for the first time and we kissed. There we talked about everything.

Then we went to CCD. The aroma of coffee pierced into my nostrils. I pulled the gate for her. I found a seat for two and as a gentle man pulled the chair back and asked her to sit. I went to the cashier and placed the order. It was then again that i caught a quick glimpse of her smile. She really was looking adorable and i could swear that on my life. It was her smile that made my heart skip its beat. I held her hand and firmly pressed it. I noticed a blush appearing on her cheek. I started complementing her and she kept blushing and disapproving. Throughout our conversation I kept looking here and there but not at her cause deep within me i was going through million storms of excitement. Every time i made an eye contact with her, my little heart skipped a beat. Meanwhile our coffee came and we started sipping it. I confessed my feelings for her and told her how beautiful she is and small switch blade smile surfaced on her rosey pink lips. We now left CCD and it was time for her to go. I walked her to her hostel and said “I LOVE YOU “. She blushed and said the same thing to me. I saw her going away.

Till date , I haven’t forgotten that day. It was the most beautiful and special day of my life which I will cherish forever…

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