The date was again 8th January but year 2014 and the occasion being her birthday. This time i again tried to surprise her but failed miserably. When i was off to seeing her i again lied regarding my not coming to meet her on her birthday but this time she caught me and made me spill out the truth. I being an idiot spilled everything out. But on hearing this she just laughed out loud and i was there thinking what went wrong. Nevermind seeing her happy makes me happy though. Damn i wasn’t there to see this laughter of hers. Later that night i wished her birthday and went to sleep.

failed-supriseNext morning i was at her place waiting for her to come out. And when she came i was like numb. I was paralyzed by her beauty . Unable to look anywhere else but towards her. She looked amazing as her hair flew in the air. Love was in the air. She is so perfect. I know she was happy to see me there. But i was unhappy as my surprise went in vain But still there were several other surprises that she didn’t expect. It was the scrapbook that i made for her. I wouldn’t describe that scrapbook as it was meant for her and only her. I just hope that she liked it. It took me two whole month to make that scrapbook. God what was i thinking.I know i really am a nutcase but what can i do i love her so much na!!

Later We watched movie together . Movie was kind of funny and she was laughing like hell. I just loved to see her that way. If it was upto me, then i would have froze that moment there itself but unfortunately it wasn’t. I hated it though as never saw me during the moviie. but it was still good And i loved to see her that way.Then we went to CCD where a CHOCOLATE FANTASY CAKE was already ordered by our common friend.I really wanna thank the friend of ours for helping me. We celebrated her birthday there. We talked and talked and talked. I didn’t wanted this moment to end. But one doesn’t have control over the time. I was sad . But still i was happy seeing her happy. HEY GIRL THIS ONE IS AGAIN FOR YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


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  1. najjaf says:

    love is life love to all

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