A language enthusiast, Shivangi Ramsay represents her debut novel “Passionate Love”. She has done masters in English Literature and by profession, she is a professor in college. “Passionate Love” is a fiction story of a journalist Ambika and an entrepreneur Ayaan. We got a chance to interact with her, let’s know more about her and her novel.

shivangi-ramsayTell us about yourself Shivangi? What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

I am a romance novel addict, and an ardent lover of chocolates with nuts. After qualifying UGC NET, I started teaching English in a PG college for girls. I am an extremely lazy person. I hate dressing up for parties, and other social events. Being a devoted caffeine junkie, I love visiting coffee shops and bistros in my free time. I am a woman of varied interests. I love reading, writing, shopping, and going on long drives with my mystery man.

Tell us a little about “Passionate Love” and Its Characters?

Passionate Love is a contemporary romance. It is the love story of a lifestyle journalist, and a multimillionaire tech wizard.

What inspired you to write about this particular genre?

I grew up reading Mills and Boon books. A Passionate Affair by Anne Mather was the first romance that I read in my teens. I fell in love with its hero at first sight. He was sexy, sharp, witty, and hopelessly in love with the heroine of the novel. He made me want to write a love story of my own.

Is this novel purely fictional or does it have some real people?

My novel is purely a work of fiction.

Are you attached emotionally to the characters you portrayed, Specially Ambika?

I am deathly fond of both my hero and heroine. I got goose bumps every time Ayaan and Ambika exchanged a tender kiss.

What was the first reaction of your close people when you started this novel?

My mother was ecstatic. She threw a huge party in a luxury hotel the day my book was launched. My students were shocked to know that their super strict teacher had written a love story. They couldn’t stop giggling in my class. I had tears in my eyes when the entire class of BA FY gave me a Mont Blanc pen.

If you would dedicate this idea of novel who it would be?

I would dedicate this book to all those hot M&B men, I was obsessed with as an adolescent. Jay Raveck of A Passionate Affair, and Jake Radley-Smith of His Untamed Innocent merit special mention.

During framing the novel, were you confident about it? This is your debut novel. Was it challenging?

It wasn’t the first time that I was writing something. I had already written for a number of  national newspapers before I started working on my debut romance novel. So, I didn’t feel any jitters. But I was a little apprehensive about the feedback.

Are you planning to write its sequel or the same idea with another story?

Oh yes! Being an incorrigible matchmaker, I want to see Ambika Rana’s best friend and colleague Priya Rai walk down the aisle. The opening scene of The Devil in Velvet will show Ayaan and Ambika locked in a passionate embrace,  mooning for each other like newly weds. Ambika’s baby bump will be another shocker.

Is there any difference in your life after being a writer?

Being in touch with like-minded people has been the biggest boon.

What would you have been if not a writer?

A commercial pilot.

Have you faced rejections for this particular novel from editors & publishers?

Nope. But I did change my publisher due to delay in printing of the book.

When you see people commenting or reviewing (positive and negative) your novel how do you feel?

I feel motivated to work harder.

Any Message To Your Readers 🙂 ?

Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. You all are meant to have extraordinary lives.

Thank You Very Much Shivangi, for this interview. It was really enjoyable rendezvous, I wish you all the best for your novel.

Readers can buy “Passionate Love” here.


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