A Man who doesn’t need any introduction, who has touched many hearts and still touching with his love stories, who has become a youth icon. Let’s meet Sudeep Nagarkar.
sudeep-nagarkarSudeep Nagarkar is an Indian Writer and Speaker. He launched his first novel in July 2011, it was inspired from his own life. Now he is the author of two best selling novels “Few Things Left Unsaid” and “Thats the Way We Met”. And his third novel “It started with a friend request” has been published in July 2013. Everyone is loving it. I also read the “ISWFR” and i really loved it.  So let’s listen to the author of “It started with a friend request”.
When was the first time you realized an urge to write a novel?
When I lost everything in relationship. Thus, ‘Few things left unsaid’ came into existence and rest followed.
“It Started with a Friend Request” is a novel which portrays today’s generation who’s glued to the social networks, your characters, are they the same?
If you read the book, you will realize that the book is not related or inspired from social networks. Our definition of friend request has changed. When in school or college you used to shake hands of friendship even that started with a friend request. Not necessarily, social networking. My characters in the book meet through BlackBerry Messenger and then their life story begins. It will make you realize love and friendship like never before.

Inspirations come from real incidents, what do you prefer a real truth based writing or adding fictional part for the sake of novel?
Fiction novel based on reality. My all 3 books are inspired from real life incidents.
Many stories don’t have a perfect ending, what if you came up to such a situation?
I think my book answers this question when Aditya comes to a situation where everything is messed up. My stories are based on my life and inspired from my failure in relationship.
sudeep-nagarkarIf the characters are real of your novel, how do they react when you came up with the portrayal of the novel?
I still don’t see myself as an author. It’s love of readers and their appreciation that they have sold more than 3 lakh copies in all. My friends who are portrayed as characters in the book were stiff but I had to convince them by bribing them too sometimes. But overall it is a great experience to interact with them.
There is a flood of love stories; do you think your story would find a place as a genuine writing piece?
All 3 books are stable and sitting comfortably on bestseller charts. So obviously they are appreciated by the readers. Though there are many love stories in the market with similar story line maybe, but what matters is the way you narrate a story and fill it with your emotions.
An engineer, experiences a lot of reality check during his graduation regarding career and relationships, have you added that experiences in your novels?
Yes, ‘Few things left unsaid’ has all such experiences in it during my college days while ‘That’s the way we met’ has all my corporate experience along with my love story.
How did your close people see you, As a writer?
They don’t feel anything about it. Probably because they have seen me in all phases of my life. From failure to success. They do guide me and help me to be down to earth. Their honesty towards me is my strength.
Any message you want to deliver to readers?
Keep reading my books and all those who want can connect me through Facebook and Twitter. I hope you will enjoy my new book ‘It started with a friend request’.
Thank you very much Mr. Sudeep for this interview. We wish you all the best for your future life and we wish you’ll achieve all your dreams.
Image Courtesy: Sahil Snapper, Asian Age.
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