It was Neha’s birthday 
I still remember the date, the
It was pretty cold that t.ime..
And in Rajasthan, being the state of stones, it was colder than other places..
Maybe because I longed for the warmth of being in her arms 

Girls love surprises, I’d always heard.. so I thought of surprising her..
What could have been a better gift?? 

I called her on 6th Jan…
And I said, “Sorry.. I have to leave for Kolkata.. I won’t be there on 8th… em so sorry”

Though she didn’t want me to leave, but she could not say anything besides no problem..
I could clearly sense the disappointment in her voice..

I boarded a train for Kolkata..
But then, I deboarded it at Jaipur and went to Jodhpur .

It was 7th Jan..
I called her from there..
Saying that a friend of mine would come to give her something on the 8th, morning..
Though she lived in a hostel and it was next to impossible for her to get out so early, yet she didn’t deny..

Everything was going according to my plan..

She sneaked out of hostel escaping the sight of many 

Another cold morning it was..
But the day was special, infact the most special day of my life 

I called her up 
And said,
‘I’m so sorry but my friend won’t be able to come”

She started shouting 
“What’s this haan? I cane from the hostel just for you.. and your friend didn’t evn come.. now what?? I can’t go back now..”
She was almost in tears..
And I could clearly sense, that gloom wasn’t because my friend wasn’t there, but because I wasn’t with her..

I asked, “What if someone else comes in place of my friend??”

“Who?” She asked..

“Nikhil” I said..

“Who Nikhil????” She asked confusingly 

“Your love, Nikhil” I said 

“But thats impossible.. you’re in Kolkata” she said.

“Really?? Turn around” I said 

She turned around slowly..
And came running and hugged me  ..
I finally felt warm 
She was in tears now, tears of happiness 
We enjoyed the day to the fullest..
And this was the most memorable day of my life.

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