This is about the man, Who has stolen my heart.
One who gave me so much respect,
And knows that promises are meant to be kept.
One who never tell me lies,
And I almost get lost in his eyes.
He is the one who is little mysterious,
But for whom the relationship is serious.
Whenever I feel bad,
He makes everything from bad to perfect.

He knows how to bring smile on my face,
Love & trust are our relationship’s base.
He is the one with whom I can behave as a child,
Who scolds me, but a little mild.
He is like a guiding light,
When I’m alone, he hugs me tight.
The one with whom I can talk nonsense,
He can calm me down when I’m tense.
He is the one who is my today and tomorrow,
He is the one with whom there would be no sorrows.
He is the one who will take me in his arms,
And I will be lost in his charms.
He cares me like my daddy,
And bring roses and cute teddy.
He is the one who has won my heart’s race,
Whom no one could ever replace.

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